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Our classes and courses are divided into the following three broad categories.


We run pre-grading seminars (to prepare you for grading). And we run grading for P1 and P2 levels (all higher levels are tested by KMG nationally/internationally – see link here). To register for our next pre-grading seminars or P1/P2 gradings please click the button below. Book a Grading

Women’s Courses

The physical threats faced by women differ to those faced by men. In addition, some women prefer to learn without men present. For these reasons we offer a unique women only Krav Maga course.

Kids’ Courses

Our Krav Maga courses for kids and teenagers are designed to be easy to learn and retain. Instructors, trained and qualified specifically to teach these age groups, use age- appropriate material to build competence and confidence in self-defence Krav Maga style.