An induction class is the perfect way to start if you have never studied Krav Maga before and want a taster. This three hour class covers the essentials of Krav Maga. The class is a very useful grounding in the theory and practice of self defence and counter-attacking. It also enables you to go on to join an existing training group without feeling like a fish out of water.

Adult inductions cost £30. The induction class runs once a month, most months of the year, usually on the last Sunday of the month. This is a mixed adult class (all genders). Next class date: October 31st 2021. (If you want to try a whole course rather than a one off session consider our 10 week foundation courses, ideal for beginners).

This course is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have not done Krav Maga before
  • You want to see what its like before making a more regular commitment
  • You want to train at any of our regular classes – in which case it is compulsory to do this course first. The only exception is for students who intend to do our 12 week Foundation Course (in which case you can go ahead and book yourself onto that course right away).

This course is not for you if:

  • You have trained with us or another KMG club before (in which case you can sidestep this class and go straight into one of our regular courses).
  • You intend to do our 10 week Foundation Course (in which case this induction is optional and we would only recommend it if you want to try a one-off lesson)
  • You want classes for kids or women-only (in which case just click on the “book a course” menu above and choose either “women” or “kids”).

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