Kids’ Intermediate Courses

Krav Kids 8-10 Intermediate

Krav Kids 11-13 Intermediate

Krav Kids 14-17 Intermediate

The Krav Maga Intermediate classes specifically for the 8-10 year old age group, 11-13 year old age group and 14-17 year old age group are open to both genders. Designed for those who have taken the Foundation course this course will further develop striking and defensive abilities as well as mental awareness of conflict situations, and work towards grading (should students wish to grade). It will also improve fitness and endurance levels, as well as flexibility and co-ordination, improving well being and confidence.

These courses run termly lasting 12-13 weeks and cost £13 per lesson payable by monthly Direct Debit. This works out at £40 per month – once you join the intermediate programme, you stay on it and this monthly cost factors in holidays so you will end up paying the correct amount over the course of a year. You can cancel at any time giving a month’s notice.

Please remember it is compulsory for students to wear a basic kit (uniform and protection) available on our website under “Clothing and Kit”.

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