Women Only Courses

Level: beginners or intermediate. Duration: 10 weeks. Venue: Swiss Cottage. Next term starts: January 2022 (bookings open in October ’21) or try a 3 hour induction lesson (these run every month).

If you’re a woman over 16, let us teach you how to defend yourself against all manner of attacks and threats, as well as how to fight back. Our unique methods simulate the stress of a real attack without compromising your safety. It will also improve fitness and endurance levels, as well as flexibility and co-ordination, improving your sense of wellbeing and confidence. We only use Israeli-trained and registered instructors, specifically qualified to teach women, using gender-appropriate methods and material.

The Foundation class (for beginners) runs on Sundays from 10-11am and the Intermediate Course (for students who have completed the Foundation Course) runs on Sundays from 11.30-12.50am and on Thursday’s from 8.20-9.30pm.

The Foundation course lasts 10 weeks and costs £185.  

The Intermediate Course is payable by monthly Direct Debit at £45 per month to train once a week, or £75 per month to train twice a week (once you join the intermediate programme, you stay on it and this monthly cost factors in holidays so you will end up paying the correct amount over the course of a year. You can cancel at any time giving a month’s notice).

PLEASE NOTE: DURING COVID we will be adapting our curriculum to mitigate risk – which means reducing contact and using Covid appropriate measures for training in order to keep our students safe. We will write to you prior to your course starting to inform you as to the steps you can take to prepare and train safely.

In addition, students will need to buy a basic kit (including uniform and protection) available from our online store.

This  course is for you if any of the following apply:

You have not done Krav Maga before

You have done our induction and want to explore Krav Maga further

You want to train at our Swiss Cottage venue and you’d like to do it in a women-only environment

This course is not for you if:

You are happy to train with men AND women together (if so, click here)

You want a kids class (in which case click here)