Our Krav Maga Instructors

The school was the first to be set up in the UK in 1996 when Eyal Yanilov (Chief Instructor from Israel) certified the first generation of UK instructors.

Amongst this first generation of UK instructors was Marcos Lall, who was also the first to attain Expert level status, and now teaches at London Krav Maga. Early students of the school included Marc Nohr, Stel Perri and Mikey Husey (pictured with Marcos below) all of whom went on to train and qualify under the guidance of Eyal Yanilov and the Global Instructor team of Gabi Noah, Amnon Darsa, Tommy Blom, Tamir Gilad and Ze’ev Cohen (some of the highest ranking instructors in the world).

In 2011 Eyal set up a new organisation, Krav Maga Global, with the aim of raising Krav Maga standards even higher and invited the London Krav Maga instructors to join him. They now train regularly with Eyal and the KMG team in Israel to maintain and update their techniques. They have recently been joined by female instructors Sarah Brendlor and Ramona Stroelheim, also pictured below. Together this team holds six General Instructor qualifications, three Combat Instructor qualifications, three VIP/3rd Party Protection Instructor qualifications, two Expert Level grades,  two Kids Instructor qualifications and one Women’s instructor qualification – all granted by KMG in Israel – as well as expertise in several other martial arts.


Left to right: Stel, Mikey, Ramona, Marc, Sarah and Marcos