Practitioner Programme

Level: Intermediate. Duration: continuous. Venue: Swiss Cottage. Next intake: Students can apply to join at any time subject to suitability and availability.

If you have completed our Foundation Course or you have done basic Krav Maga training at another club then you may be eligible to join our Practitioner Programme which will take your training to the next level. You will be taken through all the Practitioner grades (1-5) over a 30 month period. The programme will broaden your repertoire of skills, including fighting and defensive tactics and how to deal with more pressurized situations. It will also develop your fitness and endurance levels still higher, as well as your flexibility and co-ordination. Twice a year students will be invited, if they choose, to grade with visiting Israeli KMG instructors.

The programme runs every week of the year (except religious holidays) with classes on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (split by level). Which means up to 8 chances a week to train. Classes running 70 minutes.

The programme has four streams:
Stream 1 is for ungraded students who have taken the Foundation programme (Tuesdays 7pm-8.10pm from 1 September).
Stream 2 is for students who have taken the first Practitioner level grade (Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-8.10pm, Tuesdays from 8.20-9.30pm starting 1 Sep).
Stream 3 is for students who have passed P1 and P2 (Monday and Wednesday nights from 8.20-9.30pm).
Stream 4 is for students who have their P1, P2 and P3 grades (and it runs on Sunday from 5.30-6.50pm and Thursday from 7.00-8.10pm).
We also have a Graduate Programme for higher level students which runs on a Tuesday at 8.15pm (ask school for details if you are graded P5 or above).

Students can either commit to the entire programme up front, pay annually or monthly (with discounts of up to 20% offered for up-front payment). This means you can train from as little as £3 per class depending on which payment option you choose. Please click on the booking button below for detailed prices.

All students who sign-up will get a club Hoody (see picture on left) and discounts on club seminars of up to 75%. Students paying in advance will also get a KMG DVD featuring KMG Chief Instructor Eyal Yanilov.

Please note that this is a continuous course and cannot be booked on a per session or trial basis. Students coming to this course without uniform or protective gear will need to buy them – click here. And will also need a student license, which includes student to student insurance – click here.

This course is for you if any of the following apply:

* You have done our Foundation course and want to accelerate your progress

* You are a P1 student or above in the KMG system of Krav Maga

* You specifically want to train at our Swiss Cottage venue (as it’s only available at that venue)

This course is not for you for you if:

* You are a complete beginner